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Learn how you can start volunteering with Maynard Fire Department or Whitesboro Fire Department today.
Volunteer for the excitement and challenges of the job. Volunteer to find a new sense of value inside YOURSELF. Volunteer to do something that YOU believe matters. The rewards for volunteering are bigger than YOU can even imagine.

Friends & Family You Never Knew You Needed

Working together as a team in fire & emergency services creates an unbreakable bond between those we serve with, our new friends who quickly become our second family in and outside of the firehouse. We welcome you and your family to join our fire service family today.

Free Training & Certifications

All training is provided free to volunteers, including state-provided fire, rescue and EMS courses such as Firefighter I & II, Fire Officer, EMT-Emergency Medical Technician, Rescue Technician and more.

Uniforms & Apparel

Look sharp and wear our fire department provided apparel and uniform proudly as you serve in the community.

Tuition Assistance

Several tuition reimbursement programs are offered to members of the department. Learn more about these programs that cover a wide variety of higher education costs by completing our online inquiry form and start the conversation about volunteering.


We offer a LOSAP-Length of Service Award Program, New York State offers an annual income tax incentive and our town offers property tax incentives to active volunteers. Fill out the inquiry form to learn more about these and other benefits we offer.

We've Got You Covered

We provide you with a free annual medical physical, outfit you in state-of-the art protective gear, and provide comprehensive workmen's compensation, accidental death, disability and cancer insurance to take care of you and your family.

Both Maynard Fire Department and Whitesboro Fire Department, have rewarding benefits for Volunteering as well as different opportunites.
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Volunteering offers you a variety of different opportunities to fit your busy lifestyle and area of interest: from fighting fires, directing traffic, administrative and back-office functions, providing care to the sick and injured, and raising funds and running public events. What ever role you see yourself in, we have a place for you to serve with Maynard Fire Department and Whitesboro Fire Department, .

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