Volunteers Wanted For

Why Volunteer

People join volunteer fire departments for different reasons.

Some volunteer to give back to their community. Others volunteer for the excitement and challenges of the job. While others volunteer to find a sense of worth inside themselves, to do something that they believe matters. The rewards for each are bigger than one can imagine.

New York is rich with the history of our Nation, and the volunteer fire service is part of that deep history. America is built on the volunteer spirit of neighbors helping neighbors and communities creating their fire departments out of need and the fact that no one else is coming.

Today the spirit of the volunteer fire service is not that different. No matter what a person’s reasons may be for joining a fire department, neighbor helping neighbor is a true and constant foundation. It is that same foundation that leads people from all walks of life to join movements and service organizations that are focused on responding to the immediate needs of people, especially those in dire and dangerous circumstances.

Have you ever wanted to give back to the community in an exciting and challenging way?

Volunteering is challenging and it begins the first time you ask yourself “Can I do this?”

The training is some of the most diverse education you will ever receive because the nature of the work is also diverse. Imagine going to an auto accident one day, then to a structure fire the next, and then to a water rescue on another day. The training and education you will receive are based on the fact that they will be needed at any time, any day, in any sort of weather.

Are you looking for new lifelong friendships, challenges, and rewards?